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Not a lot of a words today. Just a few links that I wanted to share….

I don’t spend enough time on it, but I love to do diy stuff and I thought this tutorial on how to carve your own stamps over on A Beautiful Mess was super cool!

This pistachio mint chip ice cream is a must make in my opinion. I just have to get my hands on some pesky pistachios and I haven’t been able to find them but now I have major motive.

I used to grow jerusalem artichokes when I had a garden so this Jerusalem Artichokes & Corkscrew Pasta really caught my eye.

This lovely little pickled blueberry farro and feta salad is the perfect weekend lunch in my opinion.

I just love these Thai Burger with Ginger Mint Cilantro Slaw. The whole package is making me hungry!

I think this breakfast idea sounds so good and the photos are so gorge!: savory yogurt + egg breakfast salad

These rhubarb popsicles are really making me wish it was summer here.

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m not big on tofu, but if I was going to eat it this baked tofu fries with spicy sriracha dipping sauce is how it should go down.


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