About Me

Let me introduce myself – I’m Tori Cooper, the author, food photographer, and self-taught chef behind this blog where I share some of the foods that I create for my family on a daily basis. I first had the idea to start Gringalicious a few years ago when my family moved from the US to Patagonia Chile. We were all a little bit culture-shocked at first (and in need of some serious comfort foods), so I landed in the role of family chef and started spending most of my time in the kitchen creating recipes that could be enjoyed by everyone. After dipping my toes into the blogosphere I quickly fell in love with all things food styling and photography, invested in a DSLR camera, and immediately started working to improve my skills. Gringalicious has become a passion of mine that I’m excited to continue growing and adapting it as I learn more about what you (my readers) and what I can share with you everyday!


Places you may find me……

Well, the kitchen obviously, or standing on various things to get a good overhead shot of  a bowl of soup. Oh, and you can also see my galleries on FoodgawkerTasteologieTastespottingHealthy ApertureWholeYum, and Finding Vegan. I’m not a huge fan of social media but I’m on Facebook , TwitterGoogle+Instagram, and Pinterest too.

Can I borrow a photo?

I try to be pretty open with sharing things but I have put a lot of my time and effort into this stuff so I’d appreciate it if you could credit my blog and please feel free to ask if you’d like use one of my pictures.