Legend of Zelda Shield Cake

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IMG_7002-2 I have been trying to improve my photography skills recently. It is very difficult to get good pictures in the house I am currently living in. The kitchen has very little natural light and the artificial lighting is very bad. It doesn’t help that most days recently have been overcast and cloudy. Photography is a challenge for me here and I am still not very good at. I am using this information to attempt to make myself feel better about posting these pictures even though they are not good


Yesterday was my little brother’s eleventh birthday and he wanted a Legend of Zelda cake. I was really excited to make it for him and excited to take pictures of it in good lighting. Baking and decorating a cake is much harder in a country that is less developed than you are accustomed to. The cake took a little longer than I had planned and it wasn’t finished until after dark. I never had the chance to get good pictures of it. I know these photos are really bad, but with all of the work I put in to it, I decided to post them anyway.


One of the challenges was trying to make the cake taste and look good. I used my favorite recipe for chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream frosting. I make it all the time because it is a family favorite. I also made the “fondant” and it is another recipe I use frequently. I will post the recipes soon. 

Update: here are my chocolate cake & chocolate frosting recipes

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