Eggnog Vanilla Bean Streusel Muffins


Hey again! How did your weekend go? I hope it was merry, bright, and filled with fresh memories that you’ll want to keep forever! I know that for a small few of you (the scrooges and grinches of the world) today might feel like a relief, but the rest of us this is sort of the saddest… 

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Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Milkshakes


I’m not even going to try hiding my excitement today….! I mean, how can I when I’m sharing something as fun and festive as a gingerbread cookie milkshake??? Yeah, it just isn’t happening. So tell me, have you decorated for this weekend yet? Please say yes! Fine, if you are or were part of a… 

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Gingerbread House 2016! Wilderness Mountain Lodge


Hey, hey, hey you guys! I finally finished it, my annual gingerbread house, and this year I may have gotten a little carried away with the size. Haha, I somehow keep scaling them up every year without meaning too. Believe it or not, this was much smaller in my head when I was dreaming it… 

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Eggnog Latte (Starbucks Copycat)


Because what better way to start the week, right? And especially this time of year. I mean, it’s December, everything’s getting all Christmasy, and Baby, it’s cold outside….(for some of you anyway.) #nofair #southpoleelfnow #dreamingofawhitechristmas In case you haven’t been around before to know this already, I live in the southern hemisphere which means it’s… 

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Candy Cane Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cake


You know those times when you wake up and realize that it’s been way long since the last time you made a cake??? No? Okay, so that probably only applies to a few of us, but maybe you can imagine it. Those are very sad moments for me personally because I sort of have a… 

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Cream Cheese Cut-Out Sugar Cookies


So tell me, how was your weekend? I hope it was the best, first weekend of December evah!!! And now I say it’s only fitting to make this the best, first Monday of December by baking up a storm of Christmas cookies. You with me???? Okay, so this past week I was in the mood… 

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Turkey, Blue Cheese, Balsamic Butternut Squash Stromboli


I’m pretty sure this is the first stromboli I’ve ever made. Not 100% because it feels like I’ve made about 183 bajllion different things at this point in my life as a food blogger. Ha, and it’s been such a busy week that I’ve already forgotten what I made a few days ago. So yes,… 

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