People who are keeping themselves fully fit know the importance of celery juice in their life. The vegetable has got enormous benefits and drinking its juice can keep your body on the right track.

Celery Juice


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November 30, 2020

1. Aigostar Juicer – Best Celery Juicer 2021

The juicer from Aigostar surely tops our list for being a perfect machine to extract juice from celery. That said, this juicer will cost you less amount and can do more than you expect. One of the best juicers for celery has got a compact design. So, adjusting it on the shelf of kitchen is not a difficult job at all. Other than that, it’s job is multi-functional. That is, apart from celery, the juicer has the ability to extract juice from other vegetables and fruits without causing any fuss. Lastly, the reason I regard this juicer as a perfect fit for people is that it can work for a long time without causing any malfunctioning issue. So, it is a win-win situation for all those who want to drink celery juice every day to remain healthy. The important features regarding Aigostar celery juicer are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

One of the main features included in the best juicer for celery is that it comes with a wide mouth. So, apart from celery, you can also extract juice from fruits such as oranges and lemons and vegetables such as kale and broccoli.

There are two different speed variations available within the juicer. The slower one works at a 16000rpm rate and can be applied to take out juice from soft veggies and fruits. On the other hand, a faster rate of 22,000 rpm can be used to extract juice from hard food with ease.

Assembling and disassembling the juicer from Aigostar is as easy as eating a piece of cake. Once you’ve read the user manual carefully, you can set this juicer up on your own without watching any tutorial.

Last but not the least, the overall body of this juicer is durable enough to last for more than a year. That said, a special food-grade stainless steel body allows you to drink celery juice without any pollution or any other issue.


No matter how perfect the juicer is, it still has some minor flaws. For instance, the juicer is extremely loud while you are extracting juice with it. Other than that, the plastic part of the body can get scratches easily.



  • Durable and Sturdy Construction

  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Internal Body

  • Wide Mouth

  • For Extracting Juice from Celery in Short Time

  • Compact Design

  • The Juicer is Loud

  • Plastic Part is Not so Durable

Final Views:

In a nutshell, the celery juicer from Aigostar will not only cost you less than 50 bucks, but it can also solve your juice extracting problems to a greater extent as well. So, better check it out before it runs out of stock.

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Aigostar Celery Juicer

2. AICOOK Juicer – Best Juicer for Celery with Wide Mouth

AICOOK is yet another famous brand with some amazing juicers in the market. The juicer introduced by this brand this time comes with a wide mouth. So, no matter how large the food is, the juicer will devour it without any issues. In addition to that, the main reason I like this juicer is that apart from extracting celery juice, it also filters it from the debris or extra particles. It is fair to say that the juicer will let you extract 100% pure juice of a specific veggie especially celery without any problems. As far as the overall design is concerned, it’s pretty much smooth and sleek. Plus, the price tag is extremely low. All in all, this juicer will be solving your juice-making problems even with an affordable price tag. Some important features related to one of the best celery juice makers are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

The internal technology used within the juicer is just awesome. That is, it has got sharp blades made up of food-grade stainless steel. On the other hand, a three-layered mesh filtering layer is also available within the juicer to ensure purity.

Dual-speed working operation is also guaranteed. That is, for soft food such as tomatoes or apples, you can go for the 13000 to 17000 rpm option. However, if you want to extract juice from hard food products, then your priority should be to set the juice on 17000 to 21000 rpm option.

The availability of a 3″ feed chute means that now you won’t have to cut celery into slices. Just throw it into the chute and let the juicer do its job. It will make a cup of healthy and pure celery juice for you in no time.

Cleaning the juicer is extremely easy. That is, all the parts are washable and can be disassembled without any issues. So, after you are done with juice-making process, you can clean all the stuff in a short time.

Last but not the least, stabilization is also ensured when you get your hands on the best juicer for celery. That is, the bottom of the juicer contains non-slip rubber feet that won’t let the juicer move even when it is running at high speed.


Well, with a low price tag comes flaws that cannot be ignored at all. For instance, this juicer has a motor smell especially if you are running it at high speed. Apart from that, the plastic part of the juicer is extremely poor in quality.



  • Wide Mouth

  • 3″ Feed Chute

  • For Extracting Juice from Celery

  • Mesh Filter Purifies the Juice

  • Dual Speed Extracts Juice from Soft and Hard Food

  • Blades are Sharp and Effective

  • Motor Smell at High Speed

  • Plastic Part is not Durable

Final Views:

With some minor tweaks, the juicer from AICOOK can still be used especially if you only want celery juice daily. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to deal with the motor smell every time you want to make juice with it.

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3. Breville BJE200XL – Best Compact Juicer for Extracting Celery Juice

Breville is a well-reputed brand and it’s juicers have already left a mark on celery juice-making industry. That being said, the brand new BJE200XL is now a fan-favorite juicer among the public as it comes in with a compact design. On the other hand, the first impressions are pretty much smooth. That’s what you can enjoy after investing in a brand like Breville. Enough praise! The working operation is also smooth and noise-free. This juicer with its sharp blade technology can extract every pinch from celery in the best possible manner. Finally, the price tag is not too high nor too low. Just keep at least 100 bucks in your pocket and you can get the best juicer for celery from Breville. Some important and considerable features regarding Breville juicer for celery are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

First of all, the juicer from Breville has got a heavy-duty construction. It comes in with a knife blade assembly that works perfectly to extract each and everything from different vegetables and fruits in a perfect manner.

Apart from that, a 700-watt motor has been equipped within the juicer which offers the speed of as high as 17000 rpm to ensure better juice-making process. This speed is more than enough to extract juice not only for celery but for almost all kinds of veggies.

An extra-large feed tube of 3″ means that you won’t have to cut celery or any other vegetable into slices at all. Simply throw it inside the tube and the juicer will take out the juice from that vegetable in a perfect manner.

Breville doesn’t compromise on the construction of the products it makes. Therefore, you won’t find any malfunctioning issue with the juicer. There won’t be any fuss while you are making juice with it.

Last but not the least, protection and safety is also guaranteed. That is, the juicer won’t start until and unless you’ve covered it up with the special juicer cover. In this way, you will remain protected from extra fuss.


The juicer, first of all, is compact with a narrow mouth. So, fruits like apples or tomatoes should be cut into slices. On the other hand, some customers have also reported about the leakage issue of the juicer.



  • Compact Shape

  • Sleek and Slim Body

  • Extra-large Feed Tube Available

  • Knife Blade Working Mechanism

  • Powerful 700-Watt Motor

  • Perfect for Veggies Like Celery

  • Leakage Issues are Common

  • Mouth is not too Wide

Final Views:

Want to enjoy celery juice without making any fuss? If that is your priority, then never miss out on the juicer provided by Breville. It is available at an affordable budget and will let you extract all kind of juices perfectly.

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Breville BJE200XL Juicer

4. AICOK Celery Juicer – Best Masticating Juicer Under 150

The celery juice from AICOK is the real deal for those who are looking for a long-time investment. The complete package will let you extract juice from vegetables like celery and other hard food materials without any worries. Well, as far as the design is concerned, it looks a bit complicated at first glance. However, to be really honest, this juice extracting machine is extremely easy to assemble. Plus, apart from assembly, it can also be cleaned to the core without any fuss. The grinding part of this juicer is fascinating. That is, it works at a slow pace and thus doesn’t remove any nutrients from the vegetables while extracting juice from it. In short, it’s the best juicer for those who are concerned about the quality of extract they are getting. The considerable features regarding the best juicer for celery are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

AICOK celery juicer, first of all, works with special 7 segment spiral blades technology that resists the loss of nutrients from vegetables in the best possible manner. So, you’ll be able to drink pure nutrients and nothing else from the extract of this juicer.

As I’ve said above the speed of this juicer is as slow as 80rpm only. However, the special masticated grinding keeps the real essence of vegetables in the juice. In this way, you can enjoy juice with full nutrients and fibers.

One of the best features included in this juicer is that it easily separates the pulp from juicer. So, if you want to drink just juice without any pulp, this juicer must get on your priority list.

Many people complain about the loudness of celery juicers they get. However, this is not the case with AICOK juicer as it works quite quietly. That is, the 60 decibels working operation won’t even wake up anybody sleeping nearby.

Lastly, the best juicer for celery under 150 comes with 2 years of quality assurance from the manufacturer. In case the juicer malfunctions or fails to do its job perfectly, you can contact the customer support for further assistance.


Price tag is an issue for people who are already low on budget. However, considering the features it has got, this price tag is extremely justified. Don’t believe me? Research the market again and you’ll know for sure.

Read Full AICOK Juicer Machine Review



  • 7-Segment Spiral Extracting Technology

  • Slow Masticating Speed to Regain Nutrients

  • Separates Pulp from Juice Perfectly

  • Noiseless Operation

  • Ideal for Vegetables like Celery

  • Extracts Juice After Filtering

  • A Bit Expensive

  • No Other Cons

Final Views:

AICOK has done a fabulous job in introducing one of the best masticating juicers in the market. Don’t forget to keep it in your checklist especially if you are planning for a long-term investment.

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Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

5. Omega J8006HDS – Best Noiseless Juicer for Celery

Omega J8006HDS is another perfect juice making machine if you want a long-term investment. That said, one thing is pretty clear about this juicer that it will literally crush anything in its way. Why? Because even though it has a low-speed rate, the inside blade technology is just out of this world. Although the machine will take some time to make celery juice for you, believe me, that it would be worth a wait. The design of the juicer, on the other hand, is simple. It is not so compact either. Plus, the assembling time is also high. However, regardless of these complexities, you won’t be finding anything good than Omega celery juice maker in this budget range and I’m not even kidding. Let’s head towards some awesome features regarding the best juicer for celery:

Features You Should Know:

Talking about the speed first, this juicer will take time to make juice. Yeah, it works at a speed rate of 80 rpm which means that it’ll work a little bit slower as compared to other juicers. However, this wait will allow you to drink the healthiest celery juice ever.

In addition to that, noiseless feature enables the machine not to be loud while crushing down hard food products. In this way, you can get a healthy dose of juice without disturbing all family members.

Getting the best juicer of 2021 i.e. Omega J8006HDS will mean that you’ll be getting juice full of vitamins, nutrients, and fibers. That said, the slow working process is the main reason you’ll be getting a perfect blend of celery juice.

The pulp of this juicer is extremely dry. You won’t be seeing wet pulp coming out of the machine at all. That’s because of the use of premium quality motor along with the sharpest blade technology.

Last but not the least, the brand offers 15 years warranty on parts and performance of the juicer. So, one thing is pretty much sure that once invested, this juicer will be able to work for you for many years to come.


Although there aren’t any major issues regarding the quality and working of the juicer, the price tag is expensive. Yeah, I’m warning you that don’t even think about considering this juicer if your budget range is not around 300 bucks.



  • Made from Premium Quality Materials

  • 15 Years Warranty on Parts and Performance

  • Rugged Design

  • For Extracting Juice from Hardest Food Materials

  • Retains the Nutrients and Vitamins in Extract

  • Worthy of being Considered as a long-time Investment

  • No Major Cons

  • Price is a Expensive

Final Views:

Omega celery juicer is indeed one of the best options available in the market. The juicer can be considered especially if you want to enjoy drinking celery juice hat is full of nutrients and vitamins.

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Omega J8006HDS Masticating Juicer

6. Hamilton Beach Juicer – Best Easy-to-Clean Juicer for Celery 2021

Another compact celery juicer up on our list is from Hamilton. This affordable juice making machine surely has enough features to offer you a healthy drink of celery in a small time. That said, one of the best juicers in the market has got a unique design. There is a large feed chute available on the top that will ease your effort as you won’t have to cut any vegetables into slices. On the other hand, the working operation is also commendable. You’ll be able to extract juices from almost all vegetables with the help of Hamilton Beach Juicer in no time. Well, considering the awesome features that this juicer has, it’s price is way too low and in the range of a middle-class person easily. Some notable features regarding one of the best celery juicers are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

The juicer from Hamilton Beach comes with a quick service. Yeah, it will not allow you to wait for more than 2 minutes. The sharp blades will extract the juice from vegetables and fruits in a short time.

On the other hand, the juicer makes your work easier than expected. That is, the 3″ feeding chute available on the top is wide enough to let pass anything you want i.e. apple, orange, or tomato.

Assembling the best juicer for celery is an extremely easy job. That said, all parts of the juicer are removable and can be cleaned without any issues for sure. Besides, a powerful motor of 800 watt is present that will complete the job of extracting celery juice within a blink of an eye. This is the main reason that this juicer has been liked by many people.

Last but not the least, the brand offers a 3-year limited warranty on motor and performance of the juicer. So, there is a peace of mind that at least this juicer will be able to work for more than a year.


First of all, the exceptionally quick working process although s fascinating. However, in the extraction process, the juicer may leave many nutrients aside. Plus, loudness is another issue that needs to be sorted out immediately.



  • Durable Construction

  • 3″ Feed Chute Present

  • Suitable for Extracting Celery Juice

  • Quick Working Process

  • Motor is Powerful

  • Extract Juice from Hard Foods Easily

  • Loudness is an Issue

  • Quick Working Might Reduce the Quality of Juice

Final Views:

So, the juicer from Hamilton Beach is gaining the attention from people who want instant celery juice without waiting too much. The affordable price is yet another plus point associated with this juicer.

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Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

7. Sagnart Slow Juicer – Best Portable Juicer for Celery

Sagnart Slow Juicer apart from other features is mainly known for PORTABILITY. Yeah, the design and shape of this juicer is extremely compact. Plus, the taller body of the juicer allows you to take it anywhere you want without any fuss. On the other hand, as the model name suggests that the working operation is slow and thus it is noiseless at the same time. As far as the price is concerned, this juicer won’t cost you way too much and it’s a moment of surprise for me though. Well, the extraction process is up to the mark as this juicer will take out every pinch of juice and flavor left in celery perfectly. In short, it’s a perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts who are always on the move. The features included within the best juicer for celery are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

One of the best celery juicers, first of all, has got a slow extraction rate i.e. only 65 rpm. That said, it retains all the nutrients, vitamins, and fibers, etc in the juice so that you can make full benefit from the extract.

With a slow working process, the operation is noiseless. That’s the main reason you can take it anywhere, set it, make juice from it, and no one will bat an eye on you while the juicer is running.

Multi-functional efficiency is also guaranteed. Although this juicer is made to extract juice from celery, it can be used to make juice from carrots, gingers, tomatoes, apples, oranges, and all kind of vegetables.

The design is what I like the most in Sagnart celery juicer. It is tall, sophisticated and simple. So, there are no worries in carrying this juicer around while you are traveling from one place to another.

All the inner machinery used in the juicer has been certified already and has been made with food-grade stainless steel material to ensure purity and health at the same time.


The slow process of this juicer might cause problems for you. So, if you are not a waiting-person, then better stay away from this juicer.



  • Portable Design

  • Tall and Sleek Body

  • Multipurpose Use

  • Slow Speed Retains Vitamins and Nutrients

  • Durability is Ensured

  • Slow Extraction Process

Final Views:

The juicer from Sagnart should be your preference especially if you need a juicer that can easily be taken around from one place to another. Check it out if you have a budget range of 100 bucks.

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Sagnart Juicer Machine

8. Homever Juicer – Best BPA-Free Juicer Under 50

The next juicer up on our list is yet another low-budget pick from the market. This juicer can easily crush anything you want from it. Simply put any vegetable e.g. celery into it, turn it on, wait for a few seconds and BINGO! The juice will be ready in no time. Homever Juicer, with its strong and powerful motor, will give you extracted juice within a blink of an eye for sure. By the way, the overall design is ordinary as compared to the juicers that we discussed above. All in all, it’s a perfect choice for those who are always in a hurry. The important features related to the best celery juice maker are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

Firstly, the juicer from Homever works at its best in making healthy and delicious juices out of hard and soft vegetables. Although the working operation is a bit high, it still retains most of the nutrients from the vegetable.

Fast and slow speed options are already available within the juicer that allows you to extract juice from soft and hard food products without any worries.
One of the best features available in this juicer is the 65mm wide mouth that offers direct devouring of food like apples or tomatoes.

Lastly, the juicer does come with a lifetime technical support warranty. So, in case you’ve got any query regarding the working operation of this juicer, you can get assistance from official customer support all the time.


Durability is not ensured by the manufacturer. That is, the motor will stop working if you use the juicer regularly.



  • Wide Mouth

  • Sharp Blade Technology

  • Powerful Motor

  • Extract Juice from Celery Quickly

  • Lifetime Support is Provided

  • Durability is Compromised

  • No Other Cons

Final Views:

The juicer from Homever should be considered in case you want quick celery juice with the quality to retain almost all nutrients and vitamins in an affordable price tag.

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Homever Juicer

9. Cuisinart CJE-1000 – Juicer with 5-Speed Modes

Cuisinart CJE-1000 is indeed the juicer with one of the most powerful motors as compared to the whole list. It comes in with 5 different speed modes that allow you to extract the juice from any kind of vegetable or fruit within a blink of an eye. In addition to that, the juicer is pretty much durable and has a compact design as well. With a unique shape, this machine will adjust perfectly on the shelf of your kitchen without any issues. Lastly, price range of this juicer is a bit higher than 100 bucks. However, it is justified considering the features that this juicer possesses.

Features You Need to Know:

From slow to fast, there are five different speed modes available. Therefore, extracting juice from hard veggies is a piece of cake for this juicer.
On the other hand, a 1000 watt powerful motor has been equipped within the juicer that will take out every pinch of juice from celery with ease.

Besides, there is a special foam-reducing filter available which enhances the purity of the end result so that you can enjoy the drink perfectly.

Finally, the control dial allows you to adjust the speed settings accordingly. An LCD ring is also present around it which improves the beauty of this machine.


No matter how powerful the motor is, getting juice extract with a fast speed has always consequences. Therefore, you should not hope to get a juice full of nutrients from this juicer.



  • Durable Construction

  • Feed Chute is Wide Enough

  • 5 Different Speed Modes

  • Attractive Shape and Body

  • Quality of Juice is Compromised

  • Loudness is an Issue

Final Views:

Check out the latest juicer from Cuisinart if you want the juice to get ready in a little time.

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Cuisinart Juice Extractor

10. Breville 800JEXL – Best Juicer for the Money

The last best juicer for celery left on our list is from Breville and this time it’s a complete package of extracting nectar from anything you desire. One of best juice making brands in the market has made sure that this juicer becomes a permanent investment and works with full efficiency at the same time. The main reason for liking this juicer way too much s that it will retain the nutrients of the juice even with a higher rpm rate. Sounds interesting right? Well, let’s move towards its features to know more about this machine:

Features You Should Know:

There are two different speed modes available i.e. fast and slow. So, it depends upon the hardness of the vegetable according to which you can easily adjust the settings.

On the other hand, a powerful motor is equipped within the juicer of 1000 watt that will carry out the juice making process within no time.

Last but not the least, the best juicer for celery features durable construction. It has been made with 100% stainless steel material that allows you to use it for many years to come.


The price tag is expensive considering the other juicers available on our list.



  • Durability is Guaranteed

  • Fast Speed Working Process

  • Extract Celery Juice with Nutrients

  • Expensive Price

Final Views:

So, Breville has introduced a complete deal for people who want to drink healthy juices of different food products especially celery. Better check it out before it runs out of stock..

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Breville Juice Extractor

Top 3


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Top 3 Recommendations:

Based on usage, customer feedback, and budget range, the top 3 recommendations are as follows:

1. AICOK Celery Juicer if you have got a budget range of around 150 bucks.
2. Sagnart Slow Juicer if you want to taste juice rich in nutrients and vitamins.
3. Breville 800JEXL if budget is not a problem for you.

Choosing the Best Juicer for Celery – Complete Buyer’s Guide

The juice of celery holds great benefits for those who are very interested in fitness and health. That said, this special juice has been trending all over the world.
However, the main problem arises when a person is unable to find a juicer that can extract celery juice without losing all the nutrients and vitamins, etc.

So, let’s head towards the buyer’s guide that will allow you to have a checklist in mind before you make a final decision.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Celery Juicer

1. Faster Juicer or Slower?

This is one of the main questions asked by public whenever they get confused about selecting a celery juicer. It all depends upon your preference. However, let me make it simple for you.

One of the main benefits of getting a juicer with fast speed is that you won’t have to wait for a long time. Right after slipping in the vegetables, the juicer will extract juice from them without even a blink of an eye.

Contrary to that, one of the major short comes of getting a fast speed juicer is that it won’t guarantee you the same percentage of nutrients that were present in the vegetable. Most of the vitamins and fibers already get lost while extracting at a faster speed.

Now coming towards a slow juicer, it will work slowly. However, one of the best benefits of a slowly paced juicer is that while it will take time to make juice, all the nutrients will be retained in it.

So, it all depends upon you. I’ll be recommending you to go with slow celery juicers especially if you can wait for at least 3 to 4 minutes.

2. Easy Assembly Should be a Priority:

Imagine you being already in a hurry and the juicer you’ve got can’t get assembled to give you the extract from celery. Yeah, it’s disastrous for fitness enthusiasts.
That’s why I always prefer simplicity over complexity. Always go for a juicer that can be assembled or disassembled easily. It will save you a lot of time that you can utilize in doing other productive activities.

3. Easy Cleaning Juicer:

Easy cleaning is directly correlated with easy assembly. The easier it is to disassemble a juicer, the easier it gets to clean the juicer. In simple words, if a juicer can easily be disassembled, then it would be convenient for you to clean all parts of it without spending a lot of time.

So, always go with a juicer that can be cleaned easily to maintain good hygiene. As a result, you’ll be satisfied that at least the juice you are drinking is pollution-free.

4. Portability Matters:

Everyone tries to get a gadget that can be moved around from one place to another easily. While it is not so common for juicers to become portable, some brands are already working on different patents to make celery juicers as convenient to maneuver as possible.

For instance, one of the juicers I’ve listed above, i.e. Sagnart Slow Juicer has a compact design. It can easily be transported in a travel bag from one place to another.
So, my point is that you should look out for the juicers that are portable enough to be carried around. In this way, you won’t have to compromise on the routine of drinking celery juice every day.

5. Budget Matters:

Last but not the least, budget range should be sorted out first before making a final decision. A celery juicer with most of the features is available around a budget range of 100 to 200 bucks.

However, juicers under 100 and above 200 are also present in the market. In my opinion, you should have at least 100 bucks in your pocket if you want to drink juice from one of the best machines in the market.

Summing Things Up:

This is it. Getting a juicer for celery will allow you to maintain your healthy diet daily. I am done with listing some of the best choices available in the market and now it’s your turn to select a juicer that meets your requirement. Feel free to submit the form on contact page if you need help!

Good Luck!!