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I’ve got 3 words for you. professional. pomegranate. eater. 
Oatmeal Pomegranate Banana Bread (11) I’ve gone my entire life without trying these amazing fruits until yesterday (crazy, I know) but I think I found my calling in life. A career of eating arils is just for me, you know, because that is totally a feasible option. You can expect to see them in at least one recipe next week but that part is a surprise!

Here are some of the things that I’m loving this week:

I could totally go for a big fat bowl of these shells and cheese right now,

and I could probably take a short break from my devoted relationship with dark chocolate for this milk chocolate malted mousse.

If you wanna do the weekend right than you have to make this sandwich with its glorious goddess dressing and a side of bbq kale chips!

Okay, and these graham cracker popcorn toffee bars are totally killing it!

If you are into matcha than you’ve gotta check out this ganache!

Oh, and this blueberry and lavender sugared clafoutis, along with everything else on Thalia’s beauty of a blog, will make you want to move to Europe to become a pastry chef.

Here’s how I think you should make zucchini boats from now on.

Also, I think I’m in love with these super healthy skewers and the array of flavors they’re bringing to the table! 

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to sink my teeth into something more than these bourbon brown sugar brownies!

These almond joy cupcakes look like they could possibly cause singing and dancing.

Toast never looked so good. Forget bread and jam I’m having one (or five) of these lovely toasts!

If I could choose to be eating anything right now it might have to be this ice cream,

and if cookie perfection is possible than these cookies have achieved it!

And then there is this last one that I can’t get over. This ice cream is pure genius!


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