Classic M&M Cookies

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I can’t believe that I have M&Ms at my disposal. It has been almost a year since the last time I made M&M cookies. 20140728-IMG_5289  In case you didn’t know, my family and I have been living in Chile for the past year and are now back in Idaho visiting relatives. It is a very surreal experience being back here. I look at everything in a different way than I used to now. 20140728-IMG_5317 Another thing you may not know is that everything is harder, if not impossible, to find in Chile. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little. It is just that if you can even find things like M&Ms in Chile, they are about 4 times the price. M&Ms are good but they are not that good. They are more of a luxury item to me now. 20140728-IMG_5335

I’m cheating a little with this one because it is the same recipe I use for my chunky chocolate chip cookies with M&Ms instead of chocolate. 20140728-IMG_5301-2

For my first recipe back in The States I wanted to make something elaborate with a bunch of ingredients that I truly appreciate now, but I got voted down. Everyone in my family simply wanted a batch of cookies with….(angel voices humming louder and louder)…brown sugar! Chocolate chips are also a luxury now so I made some with those too. 20140728-IMG_5307

My family is big and never agrees on food so I usually split a batch of cookie dough in half and add chocolate chips to one half and M&Ms to the other half when I make cookies. 20140728-IMG_5316

I know that to most people M&M cookies are a pretty generic. Those people need to take a moment to seriously appreciate M&Ms and try to imagine life without them.


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